Zombie Highway v1.10.7 APK Free Download (Unlocked)

Download Zombie Highway v1.10.7 Apk Mod Free

Zombie Highway v1.10.7 APK Free Download

Zombie Highway Apk For Android is a rather odd endless runner where you have to drive a huge vehicle down a post-apocalyptic highway plagued with zombies. Your aim, of course, is to try to get as far as possible while plowing over all the zombies that stand in your way.

In Zombie Highway Apk Mod, you can choose from more than half a dozen different vehicles and a good range of weapons. In addition to trampling and crushing zombies under your wheels, you can also shoot at them from the windows of your vehicle. A good shot might just save your life.

The control system in Zombie Highway App is simple and accurate. You can move the vehicle with the accelerometer while you press virtual buttons on the screen to do different actions like shooting or activating turbos. Driving accurately is very important, too, since you’ll normally have to get very close to other cars and walls to shake off the zombies.

Zombie Highway Apk App is a fun and original endless runner that also has very good graphics. The best part, though, is that there are some 50 missions and an unlimited (and random) assortment of highways to drive on.

Zombie Highway For Pc Key Features :

  • – Crisp 3D graphics
  • – 8 Levels in 3 Environments!
  • – Highly Addicting, Highly polished gameplay
  • – Immersive CD Quality Audio
  • – 16 Guns
  • – 8 Different kinds of jumping zombies!
  • – 4 Cars!

Zombie Highway v1.10.7 (Unlocked) APK – Technical Details:

  • Before you start full Zombie Highway v1.10.7 (Unlocked) APK Download, you can read below technical APK details:
  • Full Application Name: Zombie Highway v1.10.7 (Unlocked)
  • Supported Android Versions: 2.3 +
  • APK File Name: com_auxbrain_zombie_highway-35_signed_mod.apk
  • APK File Size: 23 MB
  • Official Play Store Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.auxbrain.zombie_highway

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