Nova Launcher Prime Apk Full Hacked Apk Download – Bebbler

Nova Launcher Prime Apk is a useful and secure launcher for Android devices. This App is Paid on play store and free from bebbler. the special feature of that apk is that in this app we can hide our apps, pic, and videos.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Overview

The Nova Launcher Prime Apk prime is the android device launcher. This launcher is containing many useful features. This software is developed by Nova.  This launcher is released on January 4, 2017. The developer of this software is Kevin Barry. This software is providing the short link of the app that opens the app in short time.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Features :

This amazing Nova Launcher Prime Apk is provided many useful tools or features. The following are the list of important features.

  1. This launcher is provided with many themes icons
  2. You can increase or decrees the number of the icon in the main page
  3. We can also change the page number in the setting of this software.
  4. You can change the themes of colors in the setting.
  5. This launcher is provides differed color.
  6. In this software, you can control the color option.
  7. There are many widgets in this launcher.
  8. You can increase or decrease the number of the widget in the launcher.
  9. This feature is contained backup or restore option.
  10. This launcher is work very fast and easy to use
  11. There are many animations in this software.
  12. You can make a hidden folder for your personal device.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Bebbler

The nova launcher prime apk bebbler is available from this website. The latest version of this apk is available to download from this website. This pro software installs this from bebbler is free. The bebbler provides the Nova launcher apk version free. This version is working personal computer or window phone. Nova Star is a great game.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Full Hacked Apk Download - Bebbler

Nova Launcher Download

The Nova launcher download is the free Android launcher. This personal computer is requiring 1GB ram memory. This pro software is working properly in this free version. The Nova launcher downloads for android device free.

[Download Link]

Nova Launcher Settings

The Nova launcher setting is set by following steps. First of all, you can download this software and install this application in your device. You can change nova launcher setting in your device. There are many languages in your devices you can select any language in your device. The Nova launcher is providing online help for the settings.

Nova Launcher Review

The Nova launcher review is also 90% people like this software. The Nova launcher is also now millions of people are using this application. There are many amazing features makes this software very famous.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Free Download

You can download this software also in apk Version for free. This software is also playing on window 7 window 8 and window 10. This software is also updating your version continuously. The latest version is also adding new features and removes bugs.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2017

This nova launcher prime apk 2017 is also released in 2017. This version of this software is also very famous in 2017. This version is also working.

Nova Launcher App

This software is now available to download for android device. This launcher \ application also requires 5.0 Android or above for playing this software. The Android version is also providing different wallpaper for the theme. You can also change the themes in the setting. There is much wallpaper in this software.

Nova Software

The Nova software also provides the best launcher for your device. This launcher you can hide any file or folder. In this launcher, you can also make the hidden folder to save your personal data. This software is also many useful tools.

Nova Launcher Apk

The Nova launcher apk versions are also can be playing on the personal computer only. You can also download the apk version of this software is free. This software also requires 1.5 GHz processor or above to playing this apk file or software in your personal computer.